What My Students Are Saying

Adult Students

 “I don’t think that I would have had the courage to take a singing lesson, if it weren’t for the fact that I trust Susan. I can be myself with her.

66 years old, and I am taking beginning piano lessons! Fun!”

 “When I saw you working with my child (your patience and presence), I just felt this little bubble of I want to do that again! Because you were so welcoming and enthusiastic about an adult beginner, I was willing to take the risk.”

 “Cathartic, calming, pressure-free expression and exploration; [Susan] meets me where I am.“

“Many weeks I feel like I haven’t practiced enough or made enough progress, but it is very healing to have you remind me that [this] is for fun and whatever I can give is good enough. [You] celebrate the emotional risk I am taking by just showing up and trying something like this at 41 years old.” 

“At our first session [Susan] led me in a guided meditation that was very powerful for accessing feelings I’d not really ever processed about my experiences in piano study as a child.  I felt listened to and valued just as I was and it made me eager to re-engage with piano, which I had not done in 25 years!”

“I look forward to going to the piano and working on the music Susan gives me. After I practice I feel the same endorphin rush I get when I exercise! ”


Susan coaching Olivia back

“[Susan is a] neighborhood treasure!  My friend had been talking about her “wonderful music teacher!” My girls are SO comfortable with you AND you are not afraid to set boundaries and enforce rules. The girls walk away feeling proud, knowledgeable and confident.”

“My daughter loves her piano lessons with Susan and has learned a ton. She has a fun, gentle approach and really knows how to pull the best effort out of her students. She is very responsive to the students’ preferences in music (Star Wars theme, Sound of Music, Frozen etc.) which makes the process truly enjoyable. My daughter actually sits down to practice without me asking. Susan has recitals a couple of times a year and they are terrific.”

“You teach in a way that is effective and enjoyable. Often learning is difficult, but the fun you bring to it makes [us] want to continue. It is so nice to sing or play piano, and it sounds good to ME, not just an attempt to get proficiency. Very satisfying!”

“I knew it was the right fit because my daughter has become more engaged with learning and mastering her singing without me asking her to practice.”




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